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Your spine is one of the most important structures in your body

It's primary function is to house and protect your spinal cord.  Your spinal cord is where nerves stem from and those nerves supply EVERY structure in your body.  See the picture below for a basic representation.

The picture to the right shows the regions of the spine.  "C" stands for cervical (neck region), "T" stands for thoracic (middle back region), "L" stands for lumbar (lower back region), and "S" stands for sacral (tailbone).

Nerves from your neck supply your head, neck, face, and arms.  nerves from the middle back supply the chest muscles, heart, lungs, stomach, intestines, & kidneys. nerves from the lower back and sacrum supply the lower intestines, colon, reproductive organs, pelvic floor muscles, and muscles and structures in the legs.

When you have problems in your spine, it can affect the nerves, which can also affect the organs/structures they go to.  The good news is this can be helped with chiropractic!

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