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Emerson S. Taylor, D.C., D.I.B.C.N.




          Dr. Taylor was born & raised in New Jersey in a town called Gibbsboro, roughly 20 minutes east of Philadelphia.  He attended Rowan University in Glassboro, New Jersey and obtained his bachelors of science degree in 1996.  He attended Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa and received his Doctor of Chiropractic (D.C.) degree in October of 1999. While at Palmer, he traveled to Brazil while a student and adjusted hundreds of people in 3 different cities (Novo Hamburgo, Ilheus, and Salvador), as well as meeting the first chiropractic class to be instituted there.

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          He has practiced in Ohio primarily since then and has helped thousands of patients regain their health. ​ He opened Batavia Chiropractic LLC in November of 2015 and enjoys the feel of being a "small town doctor."  He enjoys working near his wife, Lisa, who owns Main Street Salon in the same building.  He also enjoys working with the ladies from the "Art of Healing Group" on the 2nd floor, who offer allergy therapy, auricular acupuncture, reflexology, healing touch, life coaching, hypnosis, CPR classes, and massage.


          Dr. Taylor is a Christian and believes in the power, love and grace of the living GOD just as much as the power of chiropractic and the body's ability to heal itself.

          Dr. Taylor continually enjoys reading and researching about the human body and how it works.  He recently obtained his diplomate in neurology, which encompasses a total of 300 class hours, and a certification exam.  He is looking forward to helping more people with more complex conditions.  (note: a diplomate is a specialty degree in the chiropractic profession) He is also instituting a full nutrition program to help people with issues that go beyond chiropractic.


          When he is not caring for patients, Dr. Taylor enjoys reading the Bible and spending time with his wife, children & grandchildren.  Growing up as a Boy Scout, he also thoroughly enjoys the outdoors and camping, studying survival techniques and self-sufficiency.


          My mother used to take me with her when she would go to her chiropractor and get adjusted, and I would sit there and watch.  It was fascinating.  I knew by age 10 that I wanted to be a doctor, but I was leaning toward cardiology at that time.  Chiropractic wasn't truly on the radar as an option, but little did I know that fate had other plans for my life.

          I was between 15 & 16 years old when I discovered chiropractic for myself.  In New Jersey, you have to be 17 to drive, so I was not at that point yet, so I rode my bike back and forth.  One day, around the summer time of 1989, I was riding my bike home from work, and the front brakes locked up on me.  I proceeded to flip over the handlebars of the bike, placing my hands out in front of me to brace for the impact.  When my hands hit the ground, they slipped forward and out from under me, causing my chin and face to contact the street blacktop.  It felt like I was punched by a boxer with an iron fist, but the fun wasn't over yet.  My feet and legs became entangled within the bike frame, which proceeded in its forward course, hyper-extending my neck and back.  A portion of the bike (I could not see which part) hit me in the head as it flew over me.  At last, the ordeal was over, or so I thought.

          I laid there in the street for a minute, in pain and obviously shaken by the event.  I stumbled to my feet and walked to the fellowship hall of the church where I worked, so that I could go the bathroom and wash my face and hands.  As I was walking into the hall, other people were walking out, and they were gawking at me as I entered.  I couldn't figure out why they were looking at me in such weird ways, but when I entered the bathroom and looked in the mirror I saw why.  The injury I had just suffered gashed my chin wide open, and I had blood down the front of my neck and chest.  I washed the blood off as best I could and placed a cloth on my chin to try and stop the bleeding.  Feeling dazed after the accident, I am not sure what happened after that, I do not even remember how I was able to get home.   

          Surely it was all over now right... wrong!  The next day is when the pain truly started.  I began experiencing intense headaches, along with neck and back pain, both the middle and lower back regions.  It became hard to sleep, concentrate in school, and walk.  I was an avid track runner at the time, running 5 miles a day on average, but with the pain I was experiencing, I couldn't run anymore.  Even walking became increasingly difficult.  I wasn't sure what to do, because over-the-counter medication didn't help at all.  Even my mother was feeling lost about what to do for me.

          It was at that time that fate stepped in, via a cousin who worked for a local chiropractor.  She said "you should come and see the doctor I work for, I'm sure he can help you."  I didn't see any harm in it, as I watched my mother get adjusted all the time, and it looked simple enough.  I made the appointment to see Dr. William Nicoletto.  He examined me and took a series of x-rays of my lower back, as that was the region that was hurting the most at the time (from the hyper-extension injury when the bike flew over my head).  He explained the films, had me answer some questions about the accident, and he educated me on what was happening to my body.  He proceeded to adjust my neck, middle back, and lower back.  I went home afterward and by the time I arrived home, I felt more relaxed than I had felt in months.  The pain had reduced, and my body felt so much at ease that I fell asleep for 4 hours.  WHAT JUST HAPPENED?!

          I proceeded to return to Dr. Nicoletto for follow-up adjustments as he prescribed.  With every visit, I improved more and more, and he continued to educate me on the body and chiropractic.  Eventually, the pain was gone, but that was not all.  I was also sleeping better, I could concentrate in school again, and I was back to running in my track events.  Whats more, I was getting better running times in my events.  Chiropractic not only helped me get out of pain, it had changed my life for the better.  I was amazed at the results.  So amazed that I continued my care, paying out-of-pocket for the adjustment because I saw the benefit of it.

          One day when I was 17 and sitting in my bedroom, I was weighing the options of my future.  I knew I wanted to be a doctor, but what kind?  Cardiology was the primary lead, but then it hit me... "CHIROPRACTIC!  It helped you... why couldn't you do that and help others like you've been helped?  No drugs, no surgery, all-natural!"  EUREKA! That's what I'll do!  I'll help others like I've been helped, and I'll do it with chiropractic.  And as Sherlock Holmes once said, "the game is afoot."

          Thank you to Dr. Nicoletto for showing me the way, and to my cousin for stepping out in faith to help me.

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