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Batavia Chiropractic sells certain products in conjunction with chiropractic care to give our patients the best chance at healing.

OrthoMolecular Products

OMP Logo.jpg

OrthoMolecular Products was just added to our line of supplements due to it's vast effectiveness.  Dr. Taylor is learning more about this line and is available to discuss what products are available.  Some of their best products include Mitocore, D-Hist, and Ortho-Biotic.


Standard Process & Medi-Herb Products


Standard Process and Medi-Herb are wholefood supplement lines that have been around for many years.  The Standard Process line has many products that help with a myriad of problems, like their SP-cleanse system for overall detoxification.  Medi-Herb, a subsidiary of Standard Process, has lines of specific herbal supplements for specific health concerns, like milk thistle for liver health.

Elderberry Syrup.jpg

Elderberry Queen

Elderberry Queen is an organic line of products meant to help with immune support and detoxification. This product has been helping a lot of people during the COVID pandemic and has been flying off the shelf.

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Lanza products.jpg

L'Anza Healing Haircare Products

Main Street Salon, Inc.

Lisa Taylor (Owner)

The L'Anza line of hair-care products is botanical and has no harsh chemicals or adverse constituents.  The product line is sold by Lisa Taylor and the many stylists she has working in the salon.  People notice a vast difference in their hair and scalp when using L'Anza products, so give it a try!

ADDRESS: 250 East Main Street, Batavia, OH, 45103

PHONE: (513) 732-6858

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